Alchemy Tattoo Expo

Once upon a time, there were some local youngsters who were fed up to have to always leave their beautiful area for foreign places so they could participate in tattoo conventions.

One fine day, they talked between them and said:

“But why wouldn’t we organize our own one in this part of the world?”

As soon said, as soon done. It was in 1995.

The party was good and all, organizers, staff, visitors, said:

“We’re not going to leave it at that. Let’s do it again next year.”

And this is why the convention has the pleasure to welcome you back this year again.

This little story, starting from a spark, made tattoo more popular in Switzerland.


People, not all yet, understand now the importance of choosing carefully their tattoo artist and their motive.
Going straight to your local tattoo shop is not always the best thing to do.

Local doesn’t always mean good. But it can also be excellent.

Check out the pictures he/she puts on FB, the website, or the portfolios at the shop.

If you see a tattoo well done, ask the wearer who did it.
Don’t hesitate to ask for advice, think.

Do not try to haggle over prices, You’re not at the flea market. You’re with an artist.

The price is not only included the tattoo time.

There’s also the time spent talking to you on the phone, on the web, at the studio for your motive, the time drawing it.

Don’t forget that the tattoo artist also has a private life.

Don’t send SMS. Don’t call Saturday, Sunday, or during the week at lunchtime or in the evening.

Official holidays are also official for them.
Unless you know the shop is open to clients at those times.

You will be respected if you respect him/her.